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Therapy in Mind

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Counselling & Psychotherapy for Individuals

My approach:

We all experience times when things overwhelm us and we need someone to turn to. Your difficulties may have been triggered by a specific event such as a trauma or some kind of loss, or a series of events. Or there may be no apparent problem and yet suddenly you feel stuck.

I offer you a confidential, safe, and comfortable environment for you to explore the areas of your life that may be causing you problems. I believe that each person is unique and so I work in different ways to encourage greater insight, awareness, and understanding of why problems have arisen and how change can happen.

You are provided the opportunity to talk about your life, thoughts and feelings in an open way that may not be possible with friends and family. By offering you my insights and helping you to reflect on things, you can learn more about yourself and understand the nature and origins of your problems and work towards an effective solution.

My training:

Dip. CP and Accredited member of The National Counselling Society MNCS (ACC)
I’m trained as an integrative counsellor: that means I am able to tailor your sessions calling on a number of mainstream therapies to best suit your particular needs.
I aim to guide you to gain new skills to help you cope with your responsibilities and in turn make the changes that you want.



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" We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them ."
 Albert Einstein

Client comments:
 Key issue: Weight loss
“I feel when I started I was aware of my problems and indeed limited ways to help myself, which were not proving sustainable for me. Talking these through and in some cases identifying causes/reasons and receiving outside input from someone unrelated to any of it has helped me to consider different angles. I don’t feel as stuck as I did before.”

Key issue: Relationships
“It takes a few weeks for you to build up the courage to say what you actually feel and have the confidence that you won’t be judged. I feel lifted and thankful that someone has fully listened to me and not replied with their own sob story. Counselling with Diana has helped a lot...”