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Thought Field Therapy

TFT, also called the Callahan Technique, is a radical new treatment, the brainchild of Californian clinical psychologist, Dr Callahan and now approved by the NHS Trust Association as a complementary therapy. Thought Field Therapy taps into the positive energies we all possess.
The results have been outstanding: over 90%(1) of clients have found this technique has enabled them to collapse their negative emotion and gain immediate and lasting relief from phobias and irrational fears.
The principle is not dissimilar to that of acupuncture, which uses the body's natural systems to counter any imbalances. However with TFT there are no needles nor any form of physical pain.

By tapping the energy meridian points on your body in particular sequences, called algorithms, whilst thinking about the problematic situation or emotion, it is possible to unblock repetitive and damaging thought patterns and so retain only the memory, but not its associated negative emotion.
Callahan and other psychologists have completed many clinical studies into TFT and publish a quarterly journal ‘The Thought Field’, containing papers on the latest studies. Clinical evidence has shown it helps to rebalance the autonomic nervous system.
Thought Field Therapy is safe for everyone including children however as an ability to focus is important, it may not be suitable for the very young or those unable to concentrate. Strong fragrances and other toxins in or on the body, interfere with the treatment, so ensure you arrive for your treatment perfume free.
(1)  For more information visit Dr Callahan’s site at